If you can imagine, we can make it.

Our team is based on the experience and quality of TEMPLE (from the PLASCIES group) for the manufacture and maintenance of the molds we produce.

TEMPLE designs, manufactures and performs mold tests. It manages its approval and sends it to us ready to enter the production chain.

Technology joins the workforce


The technology without a qualified workforce that manages it is useless.

The experience of our operators helps us to detect possible future failures and to improve the production systems, taking into account their opinions we manage to reduce costs and improve the quality of our products.

All PLASCIES production is subjected to rigorous constant measurement controls during the manufacture of a series.

We have a wide range of inyectoras machines, that include from the 35 until the 2700 T. equipped with robotic extraction as well as all the necessary means to manufacture technical pieces of quality.

In addition, the mold shop is located in an annexed plant, guaranteeing that the maintenance and repairs of the molds are carried out in situ, thus saving time and costs.

IML technology


We have IML (In Mold Labeling) equipment that allows any image to be included in the piece itself.

It means that the decoration of the product is carried out in the mold, the IML label sits in the mold and during the injected cycle the fluid polymer melts with the label, obtaining as a final result a piece decorated in a single step.

Bi-material injection


The bi-material injection allows the manufacture of pieces with two materials with different properties and / or colors at the same time, perfectly joined, reducing production costs by avoiding subsequent assembly.

Injection machines

From 35 to 2700 Tn